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Western Boho Home Decor Living Room Decor 


Western boho living room decor is a fun decor style if you are into vintage looking country flair designs. Here are some beautiful vintage looking Western boho home decor finds online!

Let’s get started!

This Odessa Wool Rug is the dream for this design; I’m obsessed with the color patterns.

Adding some rustic lighting will help tie in your western features, and this Pendent Lamp is the perfect touch.

The last item is not essential, but this Whitewashed Pannel is gorgeous.

This Vibrant Tribal Pillow Cover is so cute; it fits the aesthetic and others.

I also love these Seagrass Baskets; the woven pattern with rustic colors is the perfect addition.

I cannot get over this Farmhouse Hat Hanger. Imagine adding some cowgirl hats, and you can go crazy on the colors but the perfect wall centerpiece.

Last but not least is this simple Cowboys Boots Print. The ideal twist between western and boho chic.