Variations for a Club Sandwich Wrap

Love a good club sandwich and wanting to make a wrap or pinwheel variety? Wondering how you can change up the yummy recipe? Here are some variations for a classic club sandwich recipe!

Let’s get started!

Add some extra flavor to that blend by mixing in some diced green onion, black pepper, garlic powder, or onion powder.

Idea #1

For some more flavor and nutrients you could go for some romaine lettuce or green leaf lettuce that you chop up yourself.

Idea #2

Some yummy sliced red bell peppers, thin slices of cucumber, or pickles would add some extra flavor to this pinwheel recipe.

Idea #3

Opt for some of your favorite cheese such as Colby Jack cheese or Provolone cheese as opposed to traditional cheddar cheese if you prefer.

Idea #4

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