Trendy Bougie Dining Room


Designer dining room dupes are in! Here is a collection of the best high end designer dining room dupes from tableware to seating and onto dining decor all for an affordable price!

Designer Dining Dupes


This Serena & Lily Woven Chair reminds me of a coastal kitchen, but for $700, but you can get these Creative Co-Op Woven Rope Chairs for $165.

I found a near exact dupe of the ever popular high end designer dining cabinet for a fraction of the price!

Amazon has the best dupes and these colorful wine glasses are the best dupe for the bougie alternatives!

I adore classic french floral plates, and I found a group of six of them for a fraction of the price as their high end sisters!

The Levi Pasta Bowl Plates are on trend right now, however, these ceramic bowl plates are cheaper and just as trendy!

Decorative glassware is a must and I found this six pack of elegant decorative glassware for a fraction of the price as the high end alternative.

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