Things to Add to Spicy Sausage Meatballs

Love some good sausage meatballs but wondering what kind of things you can add to the mix so that they have more flavor? Here are some tasty variations for spicy sausage meatballs!

Let’s get started!

Easily swap out the suggested spicy ground sausage for some turkey sausage or another variety of pork sausage. You don’t have to use hot sausage for this recipe if you don’t want to!

Idea #1

Add some cream cheese to the mix for a creamy addition to the already added parmesan cheese.

Idea #2

Add some extra flavor with some of your favorite sauces including BBQ sauce, maple syrup, honey mustard, or dijon mustard.

Idea #3

What could every recipe call for? More cheese! Add some pre-shredded cheese such as sharp cheddar cheese or a Mexican cheese blend.

Idea #4

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