Simple Ginger Peach Bourbon


Ginger Peach Lemon Bourbon is the perfect spring or summer drink! It’s light, refreshing and oh so tasty. A fabulous cocktail everyone will enjoy! Keep scrolling for a simple mocktail version of this drink as well.


Yummy Ginger Peach Bourbon Recipe

- 4 juice lemons - 2 whole lemons - 1 c bourbon - 2/3 c sugar cane syrup - 2 c cold water - 3 sliced peaches


Roll 4 lemons on a hard surface with your palm. It will help to make the lemons more juicy. Cut 4 lemons in half. Put a strainer on a medium bowl then squeeze lemons.


Slice 2 lemons in rings and add in a pitcher with peaches.


Pour lemon juice, syrup, ginger beer, bourbon and water. Mix well with a large spoon.


Refrigerate until chilled and serve with ice.


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