Quick Puff Pastry Taco Pinwheels


Make this easy to make puff pastry taco pinwheel recipe when you need a quick and easy weeknight meal this back to school season. Make a double batch for a make ahead dinner option for taco tuesday!


Super Easy Taco Pinwheel Recipe

- 2 pounds ground meat - 1 packet taco seasoning mix - 1/3 c water - 1 tsp minced garlic - 8 ox salsa of choice - 2 sheets Cold puff pastry - 2 c shredded Mexican cheese


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Prepare a baking sheet by lining with non stick spray.



Brown the meat and drain and return to the pain Add in the minced garlic and cook about 1-2 mins until well distributed.


Add in the taco seasoning packet and water. Mix well. Add in the salsa and let cook about 2-3 mins, until well incorporated, set to the side.


Unfold the puff pastry on a flat surface. Spread the meat mixture evenly on the dough. Sprinkle the cheese over top.


Starting at the long edge closest to you, begin to roll up the dough (cinnamon bun- style). Roll it up tightly. Seal the edge all along the roll.


Use a serrated knife to cut the roll evenly into one-inch slices for appetizer size and 2 inch slices for dinner portion sizes. Place the taco pinwheels on the prepared baking sheet, leaving a little space between them.


Bake the pinwheels for 10 to 12 minutes or until the pinwheels are golden brown, for dinner sized they will need to cook 25-30min.

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