How to Make a Sticker Book with Paper

Wondering how to make a free DIY sticker book for your son or daughter? Here is a fun DIY idea for learning how to make a sticker book the easy way yourself right at home!

Let’s get started!

Cardstock Clear Wax Paper Scissors Hole Puncher Twine Tape Ruler Pencil


First, let your little one decorate a piece of cardstock to act as the front cover of your sticker book. Have them create their own design with markers, glitter, and drawings.

Cut out pieces of wax paper to make them 8.5 x 11 inches, just like the cardstock pages. Then, tape the wax paper down onto each page.

For a quick and simple method, staple the pages together. On the other hand, if you want a more book-like feel, use the hole puncher and twine to bind the book.

Use these pages to create an exciting backdrop for your kids’ stickers. With character, animal, and plant-themed stickers, they will have so much fun!

These pages make for a more educational yet fun activity. Each box corresponds to an adjective, like “colorful” or “courageous.”

Just like a MadLibs game lets you make up silly stories with random words, this activity page allows you to create narratives with stickers.

Have fun with it!