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How to Make a Homework Station

Wondering how to make a cheap and simple homework station for your elementary school aged child? Here are some tips and ideas for making your own DIY homework station for cheap!

Let’s get started!


- Plastic basket with a handle • Paper cups • Ribbon • My printable homework station label (you can get these things from dollar tree)

Start by grabbing your empty basket. This handy basket features compartments perfect for storing school supplies.


To help keep the school supplies organized inside the basket, add some paper cups to each compartment.


Now it’s time to start decorating your basket. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the outside of the basket and secure it in place with a little bit of glue.


Supplies for the Station: - Pens and pencils • Crayons and markers • Colored pencils • Rulers • Scissors • Glue and glue sticks • Highlighters • Dry erase markers • Paper clips or a stapler • Sticky notes • Tape

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