Grandmillennial Kitchen Design


Wondering how to bring the new trend of Grandmillennial style to life to your kitchen and dining room? Here are some of the key elements of Grandmillennial home decor design to style your kitchen!

Elements of a Grandmillennial Kitchen



To achieve a Grand millennial kitchen, use a mix of old and new elements, such as traditional china or glassware displayed in modern open shelving.

Embrace Old and New

Embrace patterns with vintage-inspired wallpaper or patterned tile for a backsplash.

Go Vintage

Look for distressed or antique wooden cabinets to create a cozy feel.

Distressed Furniture

Vintage textiles, like patterned dish towels and tablecloths, can be used to add visual interest.

Vintage Textiles

Finally, consider incorporating vintage appliances or hardware for an authentic touch.

Vintage Appliances

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