Grandmillennial Interior Design


Wondering what the key elements of the newer grandmillennial home decor style are? Here are some insider tips that explain how to bring the grandmillennial home decor trend into your own home.

Elements of Grandmillennial Interior Design



When it comes to selecting your accessorings, stick to wicker and rattan elements as well as fringe and tassels. You can't go wrong with those things!

Decorative Accessories

Grandmillennial home decor style features diverse lighting styles, from vintage brass fixtures to metallic accents and traditional chandeliers.


Brown solid wood furniture, such as cherry, walnut, and mahogany pieces, are the core elements of grand millennial interiors. Bamboo and wicker materials are also commonly used.


While chinoiserie is popular in the grandmillennial style, floral and botanical themes are popular choices for wall coverings as well.

Wall Decor

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