High End Dining Room


Obsessed with designer home decor for the dining room but it's not in the budget? Here are some designer dupes from Amazon for dining room decor that are all affordable and as stylish as the high end!

Designer Dining Dupes


This Serena & Lily Woven Chair reminds me of a coastal kitchen, but for $700, I’ll pass. However, you can’t tell me this Creative Co-Op Woven Rope Chair isn’t the same for $165.

Besides the main table, I love having a unique Console Cabinet or table for storage and display. This Farmhouse Cabinet has the exact design, just in a different color. Nothing some paint and primer can’t fix.

The colorful wine glasses from Anthropologie are a hit. I love to play around with color, but this Amazon Stemware honestly has a deeper color and is less expensive.

Anthropologie has an exquisite selection of various plates with elaborate designs. Unfortunately, they come with a set of four, which is expected but impractical for big families like mine. But these Blue and White Floral Dinner Plates come in a set of six for way less.

The Levi Pasta Bowl Plates are a staple for almost every meal. However, these Ceramic Bowl Plates come with more and look the same!

When I have guests over or drink my iced coffee in the morning, I appreciate a stunning Glass Cup. While they come in a set of six, so do these Romantic Water Glasses for almost $100 cheaper!

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