High End Dining Room


Designer dining room dupes are in! Here is a collection of the best high end designer dining room dupes from tableware to seating and onto dining decor all for an affordable price!

Designer Dining Dupes


This Serena & Lily Woven Chair reminds me of a coastal kitchen, but for $700, I’ll pass. However, you can’t tell me this Creative Co-Op Woven Rope Chair isn’t the same for $165.

Besides the main table, I love having a unique Console Cabinet or table for storage and display. This Farmhouse Cabinet has the exact design, just in a different color. Nothing some paint and primer can’t fix.

These Colorful Wine Glasses are so fun. I love to play around with color, but this Amazon Stemware honestly has a deeper color and is less expensive.

This classic French Floral Plate comes in a set of four. These Blue and White Floral Dinner Plates come in a set of six for way less.

The Levi Pasta Bowl Plates are a staple for almost every meal. However, these Ceramic Bowl Plates come with more and look the same!

Who doesn't love a nice decorative glass? While they come in a set of six, so do these Romantic Water Glasses for almost $100 cheaper!

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