Fun Fall Activities to do with Kids in


Virginia is a beautiful place to experience the fall season and this list covers some beautiful and fun things to do as a family during fall in Virginia. Here are some fall things to do in Virginia!

Fall Things to do in Virginia



Attend a Fall Festival Celebrate the fall season by attending one of the many fall festivals in the area!


Go for a Scenic Drive to See the Foliage Virginia has some gorgeous scenic roads, so just driving on historical byways and backgrounds will show you some beautiful scenery.


Visit a Pumpkin Patch In case picking out your very own pumpkin wasn’t enough reason to head to a pumpkin patch!


Go Apple Picking One of my favorite fall activities to do with the family is go pick apples!


Visit a Corn Maze If you are looking for a fun fall activity that gets you out in the sunshine, look no further than your nearest corn maze!


For a big list of fall things to do around Virginia and Maryland, swipe up!

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