Fall Homeschool Activity Ideas with Leaves

Looking for some fun and cheap fall themed homeschool crafts and activities for kids? Here are some great ideas that the kids will love that are all using fall leaves they can find outside!

Let’s get started!

Leaf printing: place leaf on top of white paper and roll a rolling pin over it to print the paper with the leaf.


Leaf painting: gather leaves from outside and use them as the canvas for a fall painting.


Leaf people: gather some leaves outside and use them as paper to cut into shapes of people. Dress the people with the leaves!


Leaf suncatchers: use a laminator to make some cute leaf suncatchers!


Leaf garland: little kids love this one! String leaves you find outside onto a string and hang them up someplace near their workstation.


For a huge list of fall homeschool activities for kids, swipe up!