How to Get the Clean Girl Aesthetic

Clean Girl Aesthetic by definition focuses on the basics of a wardrobe. Simple, neutral tops, high-rise straight-leg pants, oversized blazers, button-ups, and sweatshirts.

The basics of the aesthetic

As always, let’s start with tops/bodysuits! Like I said before, stick with neutrals. An oversized button-up top can be used to create so many outfits.

Add an oversized button up on top

Another great layering option is a blazer or sweatshirt (tied around your shoulders, of course!)

Layer up

Typically, you will see a blazer paired with a crop top, linen pants, and sneakers in a true “Clean Girl Outfit”.

Embrace linen

A leather tote is a must-have for completing the look along with a pair of gold hoops.

Accessorize simply

Clean Girl Mood Board