Elements of a Grandmillennial Style

Living Room

Wondering what the key elements of a Grandmillennial style living room are? There are five key things to include in your Grandmillennial style living room to keep in mind when you are designing the space.

Elements Grandmillennial Interior Design



This style often features a mix of bold patterns and vintage elements, with florals and other traditional prints being particularly popular.

Textures and Patterns

The use of color in this style is often expressive, creating spaces that are both warm and visually interesting.

Watching Color

A mix of heirloom pieces and modern furniture will help you land the grandmillennial style.


Ruffles, pleats, and embellishments are often used in upholstery, curtains, and linens, adding a sense of charm and elegance to the space.

Cute Fabrics

By combining chintz, wallpaper, and other vintage-inspired elements, the Grand Millennial style achieves a unique blend of old-school charm and modern flair.

Wallpaper and Chintz

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