Easy Mom Hacks to Keep Your Car


Keeping your car clean and organized with kids is tough but there are simple hacks to making it happen. Here are the best cleaning and organizing hacks to keep a clean car with little kids!

Ways to Keep Your Mom Car Clean



Add cupcake liners to your cup holders This will help keep your cup holders nice and clean and avoid crumbs and stickiness from getting caked on overtime in your cup holders.


Make an activity binder for each kid Get a binder for each child, then fill it with printable activities and car-friendly fun that won’t make a mess!


Get a garbage can for your car These are such a handy way to keep candy wrappers and other papers from cluttering up your car over time.


Use the backs of seats for additional storage I use these over the seat organizers. They keep things off the floor and hold all my essentials.


Keep a coin holder in your car No more digging through the bottom of your purse for loose change.


For a big list of tips and ideas for keeping the car organized with kids, swipe up!

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