Fun and Easy Fall Homeschool


Fall is a great time to introduce some fun and easy homeschool activities using nature! Here are some fall homeschool activities using leaves that are easy to put together!

Creative Fall Homeschool Activities



Easy Leaf Garland Craft This fun leaf garland is easy for kids to make and festive enough to use all season long!


Leaf Matching Activity This fall homeschool activity with leaves would be perfect for younger kids! Have them go collect leaves and then play match the leaf at the kitchen table!


Fall Leaves Fine Motor Sensory Bin This is another fun fall homeschool activity for little kids. Make a sensory bin with the fall nature items you find in your yard and have fun!


Hands-on Fall Leaf Patterns This fall homeschool activity with leaves is a great one for color matching! Use real or fake leaves and have the kids match up colors together or make patterns with them.


Fall Leaves Art Activity Use leaves you collect outside to create your own little fall leaf monsters with googley eyes for this fall craft!


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