Cute and Affordable Anthropologie


Love the look of Anthropologie home decor but not the price tag? Here is a collection of affordable cute and stylish Anthropologie home decor dupes worth the money!

Affordable Anthropologie DUPES!


I love this gorgeous Tufted Jardin Rug, but at almost $1200, it’s a bit steep for my budget. I also have 4 kids and a mini doxie who I can’t trust to not accidentally stain it. But lucky for us, I found the exact same rug for a fraction of the price on Etsy! You can support a small business and snag a gorgeous rug for your home at the same time. Uhm, yes please.

Amazon almost always has identical furniture for a fraction of the price and yet again, they do! I fell in love with this overstuffed slipcover chair. I mean look how cozy it is?! But coming in at $2,978 is a bit too much for a chair in my family. We’re military and move often, so it would get destroyed in our next move. However, I did find an almost identical slipcovered chair and half for almost half the price!

The arched Fern Storage Cabinet is absolutely stunning. It would be a fabulous addition to any home. But $2698 is a bit steep for many people. However, I found a gorgeous arched cabinet from World Market at only $899. This one is very similar, however it is a darker finish. But! It isn’t too difficult to change the stain or paint it if you’d like it lighter.

To begin with, I actually own this mirror that is 1/3rd the price of the Anthro one and had no idea Anthropologie had a similar one! It’s in my dining room and is so, so pretty.

I absolutely adore the rattan boxes with glass lids. They’re such a fabulous way to style and hide things in your home. You can buy the small size from Anthropologie for $68 and the larger size for $98. But you’re only getting one, not a set. Or you can snag an identical set of 2 from Amazon for the same price as one from Anthropologie. I’m personally going with the set of 2 since it’s more bang for my buck.

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