Viral Cleaning Hacks

to Try!

Looking for better ways to clean your home? Here is a collection of the best VIRAL cleaning hacks and tips for cleaning your entire home!

Best Viral Cleaning Tips to Try!


#1 Cleaning Tip: Do your most time consuming or daunting chore first. If you feel like all of your chores are overwhelming, start with the most time-consuming one. This will help you not only get done the hard stuff each day but make sure you are doing it when you’re most motivated.

#2 Cleaning Tip: Make a cleaning routine. Instead of just cleaning random things in your home, make a cleaning routine for yourself. Dedicate one room or one small area of your home each day and keep at it!

#3 Cleaning Tip: Keep cleaning supplies in each room. Keep a cleaning caddy in each room armed with the cleaning products you’ll need to clean each room. This way, when you finally muster up the courage to clean that bathroom, you don’t have to wander the house for 20 minutes looking for the toilet bowl cleaner.

#4 Cleaning Tip: Declutter your home. Want to know the real secret to a clean home? One that isn’t stuffed to the brim! Decluttering your home will help your home a much cleaner appearance even when you haven’t dusted in weeks.

#5 Cleaning Tip: Pick up as you go. As you move from room to room and make messes throughout the home, start picking up as you go. Don’t leave a room without something in hand, and put stuff away when you’re done with it.

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