If you’re like me, you’re probably not the most patient person. So when you decide you want to do something, you want to do it immediately! The same applies to my hair. Recently I went from red to blonde in one day and wanted to share how that was possible. Before we go any further, I’m not a hair stylist nor did I do this on my own. I went to a professional who did this, but I’m sharing the steps on how to go blonde in one day.

How to go blonde in one day
How my hair looked after the color correction + highlights.

How to go blonde in one day

Before your appointment

Leading up to the big day of my appointment, I made sure to do a biweekly deep conditioning treatment on my hair and lay off the best styling a bit. Doing any sort of chemical treatment to your hair can really dry it out & damage it, so I wanted my hair to be as healthy as possible to minimize the damage.

I used a few different products, but they’re all relatively affordable.


Argan Hair Oil

How to go blonde in one day

The Day of your Appointment

The day of my appointment, I made sure to go in with clean hair. I know a lot of people are like “oh it’s ok to go in with dirty hair.” But no thank you. I’ve never liked getting my hair done with hair more than 2 days ‘old’.

I had booked a deep conditioning treatment for damaged hair to go along with my service. It was definitely a must!

Since I had brown roots with red hair, a color correction was a MUST. Mind you, your hair may look completely ridiculous during the process. Mine was orange, but if you want to go from a dark red to a light blonde in one day, you’ve got to put in the extra work.

Once that was done, it was time for a full head of highlights with color put on the non-highlighted hair. Thankfully the stylist went with a pretty beige to balance out the orangey tones that were prevalent throughout my hair. This all took a long while. I was at the salon for over 5 hours, not including getting my hair styled because there just want time for that to happen before they closed.

After the highlights & color, two different toners were put on my hair. They helped SO much.

I walked in to the salon with an awful red brown mess and walked out with a much cooler (still with some warm pieces) blonde.

blonde hair color tips
The during part of the process. Mask from eShakti

After you go blonde

My next step is to deep condition weekly, go longer stretches between washes & to use a purple shampoo & conditioner.


What I love to do to really get that icy blonde is to put the purple conditioner on my hair while it’s dry. I put a generous dollop on my hair, work it through and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. You wouldn’t believe the change it makes from warm brassy toned blonde to a cool, ashy blonde. I don’t do this very often- it can be slightly drying to the ends.

Redken Extreme Duo


Follow-up appointments

From this initial appointment, I’ll go back in 4ish weeks for a root touch up and to get my hair toned a bit more. At this point, it should have gotten rid of all of the residual brassy pieces. What is left over will most likely get trimmed so it’s usually the ends of my hair that not only get the most damage, but they also hold that brassy color.

So while it is possible to go blonde in one day, it does take time. Expect to be at a salon upwards of 4-6 hours, depending on how thick & long your hair is. Make sure you baby your hair and use products that won’t damage it afterwards to help avoid breakage. Going blonde is so fun, but it can be pricey & hard on your hair, so make sure you take care of it!

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