While COVID might have sounded like a short term problem we’d have to sit through during the spring, it’s found its way into summer and now fall. While things are continuing to open back up where we live, Halloween will look very different this year. Instead of being able to go out and about like usual, we will be spending a little more time at home than we’re used to. If you’re stuck inside or looking for some Halloween fun you can do at home, here are five ideas for a memorable stay home at Halloween.

Get Dressed Up Anyway

Just because you won’t be taking your kids out trick or treating this year doesn’t mean that you can’t still dress up for the occasion! Take this opportunity to make a really cool costume at home! Have each person make their own costume, or make a matching costume you can all wear together! Then, on Halloween, dress up and celebrate your Halloween holiday from home!

Make Some Spooky Halloween Goodies

Baking or cooking something scary can be a great way to make your Halloween more memorable. Get your kids in the kitchen and make Halloween a fun and special time by decorating scary cookies or baking a bloody Halloween cake. This will not only teach your kids some baking or cooking skills, but you’ll have a fun Halloween treat to enjoy while you’re celebrating at home!

Do a Candy Scavenger Hunt

If your kids can’t go trick or treating, you can still find other ways to make getting candy on Halloween more fun! Have them do a scavenger hunt or hunt for spooky colored eggs instead! This way, they can still indulge in the hunt for candy, dressed in costume, without having to put anyone at risk! You can hide them around your house and make clues for them to help guide them around the house! If you want it to take a little longer, don’t have any clues and have them go hunting!

Watch Halloween Movies

Have a Halloween movie marathon and have some of your favorites ready to go! Enjoy some spooky treats or just a big batch of popcorn! Make a whole day out of it and have everyone pick a movie to watch and watch them all in one day! If you have a large family, you may need to do this throughout a weekend instead!

Have a Spooky Camp Out

Bring your sleeping bags to the living room and have a good old fashioned campout! You can read Halloween books or have a scary ghost story circle time! You can even play Halloween music to set the mood! Make popcorn balls and enjoy them while watching Halloween movies and turn it into a fun slumber party for the whole family!


Just because you’re spending more time at home doesn’t mean you can’t have some spooky Halloween fun! Hopefully, these ideas have helped you enjoy some of your time at home this Halloween season and prepare you for a fun Halloween at home.

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