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I’m not sure about you, but the last few years have been STRESSFUL. Between taking care of kids, working from home, figuring out how to homeschool & more, life has been chaotic. Thankfully there is a simple solution to help with that a bit! The Pranamat ECO® is an acupressure massage set that means you can get stress and tension relief anywhere, anytime. It’s not only the perfect gift for stress relief for loved ones, but perfect for you to treat yourself to as well!

*This post was sponsored by Pranamat Eco, but all opinions are my own.

Gift for stress relief

What is the Pranamat ECO and how does it work?

The Pranamat ECO is amazing! It’s an acupressure massage mat with a proven way to manage pain, stress, sleeplessness or anxiety on the road or at home. Pranamat ECO works by harnessing your body’s own defenses against pain and stress in just 20 minutes! I love to lay on my Pranamat ECO in the evening after the kids are in bed so I can unwind for a few minutes before I go to sleep. It’s wonderful because your body produces its own organic pain blockers and calming sedatives with the use of the Pranamat.

Pranamat ECO

What is the Pranamat Eco made of?

You’ll love the Pranamat Eco! This wonderful gift for stress relief is 100% ethically handmade in Europe from zero waste coconut fiber and buckwheat hulls, linen and cotton. Even the signature Pranamat ECO lotus spikes are made from medical-grade plastic that has a low-energy, low-water and low-emission footprint and is recyclable. Not that you’ll need to worry about recycling it anytime soon, as it’s made to last. I know I’ll be enjoying mine for years to come!

A 5-year warranty is included with the purchase of your Pranamat, which I think speaks volumes about their confidence in their product! You know they really stand behind their product with a warranty like that. You also get 30 days to test it at home before you commit to your purchase, so if you’re at all unhappy you can return it.

Where can I purchase my own Pranamat ECO?

You can purchase your own Pranamat Eco from their website! Make sure to use my code SANDEEL to save 30%. I know you’ll love having this acupressure massage set in your own home!

Gift for stress relief

Do I have to go to sleep after I use this?

Not at all! Many people read, check their email, reach out loved ones and more. I’ve also seen people using their mats during a yoga session or after an exercise session. You have endless possibilities for when and how to enjoy your Pranamat ECO. I personally enjoy using mine at night. Honestly just because I like to have it as part of my unwinding daily routine.

Gift for stress relief

Pranamat ECO also helps you fall asleep faster, get more hours of truly restful sleep and wake up with tons of energy and feeling ready for anything! Which is exactly what we all want these days, right?

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