What are Gourgères aka Cheddar Cheese Puffs?

Do you love a yummy, fluffy cheese biscuit? Then you are going to love Gourgères. This post explains what Gourgères are and what goes into them! Get ready for some yummy cheese puff deliciousness!

Let’s get started!

These delicious little cheese bites are essentially a cream puff dough that has cheese folded into it, making them super cheesy and fluffy!

What are Gourgères?

These fabulous cheese puffs come together with some water, butter, seasonings, flour, eggs, cheddar cheese, and dijon mustard.

What Goes Into Gourgères

Serve this little appetizer on it’s own or pair it with your favorite pasta dish and a quality glass of wine to really highlight the flavors!

How Do You Serve Gougères?

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