Cheap Serena and Lily Home Decor Dupes

from Amazon

Serena and Lily home decor is beautiful but it is not in everyone's budget. Here are some beautiful Serena and Lily dupes from Amazon that are true look a likes for way less. Very cheap finds!

Affordable Serena and Lily Look a Likes


This Hanging Rattan Chair is a dream porch find that everyone is obsessed with but this Swing Egg Chair is nearly identical and so much cheaper from Amazon!


I love their accent chairs, like this White Beckett that is always so chic. Luckily Amazon has the exact same Chair for a few thousand less!


I love this Seagrass Pitcher and Tulum Ice Bucket for hosting parties at home. The designer look is great but this Rattan Mug and Stainless Steel Woven Ice Bucket is much cheaper!


Serena and Lily's marble cutting boards are beautiful but this Chloe & Cotton Board from Amazon is the same as it’s $158 counterpart and so much cheaper!


This Rectangular Coffee Table is the same as this Cube Coffee Table for a quarter of the price. A super cheap Amazon dupe!


The Nautical Rope Arch Mirror from Serena and Lily is beautiful but pricey. I was so happy to find it’s Twin for $33 from Amazon!


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