Cheap Home Decor Gift Ideas for 


Finding cheap and simple home decor gifts for hosts that they will actually love is made easy with this list! Here are some great gift ideas for the host that are cheap and can be found from Amazon, Target, and Walmart!

Easy Home Decor Gift Ideas


Candles are always a win. Choose a neutral, not to overpowering scent.


Matches and a case for them can be used so many ways!


Centerpiece bowls can be a nice addition to the hosts collection. Keep their home decor style in mind!


A lamp might be a long shot, but if you keep their decor style in mind, it could be a nice simple gift idea!


Everyone could use more blankets, right? Gift them a cozy one that matches their decor style!


Not super home decor, but something that they can use every day!


Find a cute photo frame in their decor style and encourage them to print a picture from the evening!


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